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The Economic Strength of Ohio

Ohio, a hub of entrepreneurial activity, boasts a thriving small business ecosystem that is vital to the state's economy. With its advantageous features, Ohio presents an excellent environment for success. The state offers a low cost of living, abundant business possibilities, a well-connected transportation infrastructure, and top-tier educational resources, making it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs. When deciding to move your business, Ohio provides a welcoming atmosphere, professional assistance, and a wide range of expansive opportunities, ensuring a promising future for those who establish their presence in this thriving Midwestern state.

Small business stats:

  • 861,000+ Small businesses
  • $2.6 billion of loans issued to small businesses
  • 99.6% of businesses are small businesses
  • 91.689 Small Business Optimism Index

Fueling Growth in Ohio
A small manufacturing business in Ohio was struggling to fund inventory and cover operating expenses during a period of rapid growth
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