The Best Lines of Credit for Manufacturing Companies

Funds readily available through a line of credit are essential for preparing and handling unexpected expenses.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.

Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.

Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.

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Manufacturing projects often require large sums of money upfront or in advance which may not be possible without proper financing arrangements.

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How Line of Credit Depot Works:

To qualify for a line of credit, your manufacturing company should have demonstrated profitability on the most recent filed business tax return. This showcases your ability to afford payments after drawing funds from the line of credit. Even if your last tax return shows net losses, you may still be eligible.

Certain expenses (non-taxables) on the return can be "added back"
to the net profit amount, bringing your business to a qualifying requirement.

Examples of expenses that may be added back in are certain interest paid on borrowed money and depreciation expense incurred by use of equipment or real estate owned by company's members other than owner/officer/partner who is requesting loan.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.
Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.
Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.
Monthly payments with interest only options
How much do you need to access?
*FREE to Apply & NO credit check
Recent Success Story
Keeping Production Rolling: How We Provided Crucial Cash Flow to a Midwest Manufacturer in Illinois
When a decades-old manufacturer in Illinois reached out to us, they were struggling with a common issue - outstanding invoices from large customers had created a cash flow crunch, threatening their ability to make payroll and purchase raw materials. As a result, production had slowed to a crawl.

After quickly reviewing their situation, we were able to provide a $150,000 line of credit within a week. This influx of capital allowed the manufacturer to get caught up on payroll and replenish their inventory.

Almost immediately, production was able to resume at full capacity. And thanks to the flexibility of the revolving line of credit, they now have ongoing access to working capital to handle any future cash flow interruptions.

For over 25 years, this manufacturer has been an economic cornerstone in its local community, providing stable manufacturing jobs with excellent wages and benefits. We were honored to play a role in ensuring those jobs were protected. And the owner let us know just how crucial our capital was in keeping operations running during a challenging time.

At American Capital Group, it’s fulfilling to work with hardworking business owners every day to achieve stories like this. Providing capital is more than just making a loan - it’s about realizing dreams and strengthening communities. That’s what drives us.

We provide the Manufacturing industry with bank-level financing

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Experience the joy of quick and efficient funding. Within just a few days, your business will have the financial boost it needs to thrive. It's that simple!

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Matthew Elling
Small Business Financing Expert & Founder of Line of Credit Depot
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Manufacturers commonly use lines of credit to address a range of needs, including payroll management, machinery upgrades, marketing and advertising campaigns, and inventory optimization. Unforeseen expenses and fluctuations in market demand are constant variables in the manufacturing industry, making having a financial safety net crucial.

Successful and financially responsible manufacturing businesses maintain this safety net through access to a flexible line of credit. If you own or are involved with a manufacturing operation and wish to explore available lines of credit, we invite you to apply here to secure the financial stability your manufacturing venture requires.

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In the realm of manufacturing, financial stability is a cornerstone for success. Manufacturers grapple with various challenges, from fluctuating market demands and supply chain complexities to rising production costs. To navigate these financial hurdles, many manufacturing businesses turn to lines of credit.

The primary motivation for seeking lines of credit often arises from the need to manage cash flow effectively. Manufacturers frequently encounter delays in accounts receivable, leading to financial strain as they wait for payments while dealing with overhead costs, employee wages, and equipment maintenance.