The Best Lines of Credit for Construction Companies

Funds readily available through a line of credit are essential for preparing and handling unexpected expenses.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.

Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.

Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.

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Construction projects often require large sums of money upfront or in advance which may not be possible without proper financing arrangements.

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How Line of Credit Depot Works:

To qualify for a line of credit, your construction company should have demonstrated profitability on the most recent filed business tax return. This showcases your ability to afford payments after drawing funds from the line of credit. Even if your last tax return shows net losses, you may still be eligible.

Certain expenses (non-taxables) on the return can be "added back"
to the net profit amount, bringing your business to a qualifying requirement.

Examples of expenses that may be added back in are certain interest paid on borrowed money and depreciation expense incurred by use of equipment or real estate owned by company's members other than owner/officer/partner who is requesting loan.

Truly amortized product, where you only pay interest on money that is drawn from line.
Unsecured programs, no collateral needed, up to $250,000.
Annual Interest Rates are Prime (8.5%) + 0% to 2%.
Monthly payments with interest only options
How much do you need to access?
*FREE to Apply & NO credit check
Recent Success Story
A Construction Company Bounces Back in Newark
A construction company in Newark suffered significant losses during the economic downturn. With less new projects coming in, they struggled to keep up with operating expenses and payroll.

Their damaged credit disqualified them for additional financing through their bank. Feeling desperate, they found Line of Credit Depot online. After a simple application process, Line of Credit Depot matched this Newark construction company with a lending partner that offered them a $150,000 line of credit.

This influx of capital allowed the construction company to take on new projects again as the economy improved. They could afford to hire additional crews and invest in new equipment. Within a year, revenue was back to pre-downturn levels. The flexible access to funds through the line of credit enabled this Newark small business to regain its foothold during recovery. They credit Line of Credit Depot with providing the fast financing solution they needed to get their business thriving once again.

We provide the Construction industry with bank-level financing

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Receive a range of offers from our trusted network of lenders. Take your time to evaluate and compare the options available. Choose the one that aligns perfectly with your goals and vision.
Experience the joy of quick and efficient funding. Within just a few days, your business will have the financial boost it needs to thrive. It's that simple!

"See if you qualify before you apply. Answer a few questions about your business to get a pre-approval."

Matthew Elling
Small Business Financing Expert & Founder of Line of Credit Depot
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"A line of credit can help a contractor by supplementing the client deposit to pay for mobilization costs."

The expense of starting any client project requires money. In a perfect world the client would pay for a large portion of the project upfront, but this is usually not the case. In order to win bids and be aggressive, construction companies sometimes ask for lower than needed mobilization funds and/or customer friendly payment schedules. This can be a risky move, especially if the construction company doesn’t have many means to self finance certain stages of the project.

In order to get approved for a line of credit, your construction company needs to have shown to be profitable on the last filed business tax return. This will show the bank that your business has the means to afford payments for the line after money is drawn. If your business showed net losses on the last tax return, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are declined. There are certain expenses (non-taxables) on a return that can be ‘added back’ to the net profit amount. This will generally remove a loss and bring the business back to a qualifying requirement. Depending on the bank’s underwriting guidelines, some or all of the following can be ‘added back’ to your net profit; owner compensation, equipment or property depreciation, and interest payments.

Even if your construction company has current debt financing in the form of MCA (merchant cash advance) or equipment financing, a line of credit can be activated. It’s important to know that a great way to refinance your more expensive business debt is to refinance with a lower rate line of credit. So let's say the business has high balances with high interest rate credit cards. A line of credit can be used to pay these cards down, so you can stop paying interest on past purchases and also so you can keep the card credit available for other purchases.

All different sectors of the construction industry are available to apply for a business line of credit. There is no owner credit check required at time of application.

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"One of the most capital intensive industries is the construction industry. "

Whether you are a homebuilder, renovation contractor, or do specialty construction; access to money for your business is paramount. Funds that are always available to contractors in the form of a line of credit is the best way to prepare and pay for the unexpected. Our job here at Line of Credit Depot is to pair your construction business with the correct bank line of credit facility.

Not all financing is created equal, which means that line of credit programs and applicant requirements differ from bank to bank. So getting paired with the correct bank can be tricky. That’s why we help lots of construction companies find and activate true revolving bank lines of credit. For example, let's say that you tried to apply for bank financing at your business bank and were declined. This doesn’t mean that every bank in the US will decline you. We work with ‘business friendly’ banks that approve all types of construction companies, no matter now big or small!

Expenses, of which are generally not fully known until a project begins, can include; wages for labor, equipment breakdowns and improvements, materials, sub contractors, vendors, etc. Projecting and planning for all of these expenses should be taken into account when providing estimates to potential clients. Depending on how the job was estimated, you could be running into cash flow issues as you work towards completing a project, or multiple projects simultaneously. If there are cash flow issues than the construction payment chain becomes compromised, leading to material, insurance and/or labor not being paid for.